Patient Testimonials

“I have been with Dr. Linder for almost a year now and I have never felt better. She really knows her stuff and she loves to share her knowledge to set me up for success.. I have followed her recommendations and seen tremendous results. I lost almost 10 lbs just by getting my hormones in balance and doing a detox. I will continue to see her and follow her direction to better health.”
– Lana F.

“After enrolling in Dr. Linders wellness program, I can not believe the positive changes that have taken place in my day to day life. Sleeping greatly improved, decreased anxiety and losing weight. Feeling great, thanks Dr. Linder and staff”
– Amy

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Linder’s for nine years. Dr. Linder is responsible for restoring my health better than it has ever been. I have chosen to invest in my health by following her advice and vast knowledge of anti-aging and wellness without wavering. I started going through menopause about ten years ago my quality of life was poor. Due to Dr. Linder, I am able to live an excellent life. I highly recommend investing in your health by becoming her patient.”
– Vickie W

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Linder’s for 3 years now. when I came to her, I was a mess. The hormone therapy and weight loss program has helped me reach my goals, and I no longer have hot flashes, which is a big victory for me. My husband also sees Dr. Linder and has had great success. Thanks Dr. Linder and team!”
– Kathy

“As a wellness patient of Dr. Linder’s, I can say she truly cares and I really appreciate all she has done for me. She was able to share her knowledge and experience to give me the lifestyle changes I really needed to get healthy. Thank you so much, Dr. Linder.”
– Joe Bricky

“Her level of professionalism, vast knowledge, and willingness to spend time with her patients places Dr. Linder in a league of her own!”
– Ft Worth, TX

“This is my ten year anniversary with Dr. Susan K. Linder! God put her in my life to save my life literally at forty six I was very ill, my hormones were out of balance I was suffering from adrenal fatigue I was a very ill person. Dr. Linder started working with me and I faithfully followed every recommendation I never missed my appointments. It’s been an amazing journey back to excellent health. I feel better than I have at the age of fifty six. Thank you to my physician and my friend!”
– Vickie Wilkins

“Dr. Susan Linder is one of the most compassionate physicians I know. Her depth of knowledge is beyond most physicians practicing hormone therapy today.”
– T Ann Smith

“Dr Linder and the HealthSpringMD team are dedicated to changing the lives of their patients. They are helping their members reclaim their health, their youth, and their lives!”
– Jillian Garrett